XWave Lets You Control Your iPhone With Your Noodle

by Matt Forcey

In the early, chaotic, primordial years of the mobile phone era, you had to press real, actual  “buttons” to get things done. Almost barbaric to think about now, isn’t it?

As society advanced and we gradually became a more civilized species, buttons gave way to touchscreens and voice control, mercifully giving the atrophied sausages we call “arms” and “fingers” a bit of respite every time we needed to surf through cyberspace, place a phone call, or send a text message. Now, it seems the evolution of Homo sapiens is reaching its inevitable final stage with the release of the PLX XWave, headgear that plugs into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and — after a bit of training — lets you control the device with your mind alone.

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The headset makes use of the NeuroSky technology that we’ve seen several times through the years and will be made available with a number of apps upon its release next month including a game, dedicated training app, a music controller (which will let you compare brainwaves with other XWave users, interestingly), and an “Om Meditation Timer.” If none of those titles have captured your imagination, you’ll be able to write your own apps with the device’s SDK; needless to say, we’ll be patiently waiting for the levitation app depicted here. Orders are online now for $100 with delivery in October.

Via Engadget


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