High-Flying Robots Illuminate Dubai Sky

by Matt Forcey

Soaring like robotic birds, these energy generating flying devices were conceived by Carlos Campos Yamila Zynda Aiub Architects for the skies of Dubai. Called Wings, the curious “creatures” use solar cells to store energy, which they then use to illuminate the land below them at night in a flutter of constellation-like formations. 

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The project, called Choreographies in the Sky, was recently honored as a fourth-place mention in the 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition.  It was designed for a site adjacent to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai. Of their fantastical flying devices, CCYZAA says “Our installation is able to generate new, human, interactive emergencies. To take a ride under the shadow of a transparent wing, to enjoy new urban and natural perspectives, to be fascinated in front of hypnotic conformations.

While many different types of formations are possible, some of the pre-designed ones are a 100 x 100 m “shadow ceiling” which creates random shadows throughout the park, a light cube, a lightning pole, and a cloud where the Wings are transparent and blue during the daytime and light up at night. Each Wing would be equipped with its own GPS flight navigator, wind sensors, LED illumination devices and a photovoltaic panel.
Via Inhabitat


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