So This is What the Future Will Look Like

by Matt Forcey

Augmented reality (AR) is definitely where media and technology is heading towards; just look at the number of smartphone apps and media projects that boast AR features.

And now, National Geographic is getting in on the AR craze. The publication has come up with a simple and detailed image set showing just how the future will look like.

Restaurant reviews, directions, nearest amenities—all these can be pulled up in the HUD-style ‘view’ on smartphones these days, but National Geographic is speculating these displays to be commonly available on eyewear within the next five years.

And there’s even talk about AR being made available through contact lenses. The article interviewed a bio-nanotechnology professor who has made a contact lens etched with a transparent electronic circuit.

It’s far from completion, but Prof Babak Parviz is hoping to add LEDs to the lenses, allowing text and images to “hover in space at a readable distance in front of the eye”.
Reality is a bit of a bore with AR technology, but melding ourselves with bionic ones is probably a little too sci-fi for everyone’s liking.

Via Design Taxi


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