Never Loose Your Cell Phone Again: Samsung Proxima

by Matt Forcey

A concept design by Johan Loekito, the Samsung Proxima will keep you from absentmindedly leaving your phone behind.

It looks more like a wristwatch than phone, and consists of two detachable modules: the band and the phone itself, both of which are embedded with proximity sensors.

So once the range between each module increases beyond a certain point, the band will either emit a warning tone or vibrate, so the wearer can go scrambling after his forgotten phone.

It’s a creative idea no doubt, but it looks more watch than phone; and it was probably designed with those who lose their mobiles often in mind. We’re not sure how tapping numbers on an iPod Nano-sized screen might pan out, but for the forgetful ones, this could be a small price to pay.

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Via Design Taxi


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