Who Done You Wrong? Time for a Vigilante Revenge Rap

by Matt Forcey

This is a Public Service Announcement from your friends at Watch. Read. Repeat.

Have you been the victim of bad customer service?  Just had a terrible meal at a restaurant?  Some wayward friend owes you money?  Simply unable to be passive aggressive?  With the litigious society we live in today, why take a risk doing your own dirty work?  Solve your problems just like the wealthy and connected… hire a hit man.  

HiT-IT man that is. 

For the price of a triple-venti-frapa-latte, you can hire the hit-writing services of your soon to be new best friend, Rap Master Maurice.  All ya gots to do is slip Maurice twelve bucks, and the 411 on who done you wrong and how (along with a telephone number to attack), then turn him loose.  In no time at all Rap Master Maurice will create and deliver a custom Vigilante Revenge Rap just for you.   

Here are some past Vigilante Rap Calls, to give you a better idea of what’s in store for your target. 

btw, Maurice is a revenge rapper but will don the hat of friendly rapper for an extra $7.  Peace.

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