Flashy LED Posterior Poster

by Matt Forcey

Every motorist has at one time dreamed of having a rear-window-mounted display to message other drivers in appreciation or angst.  For the bicyclist though, such a gadget could be much more than cathartic.

Korean design firm, Lee Myung Su has delivered on this need with a backpack (already an essential accessory for cyclists), sporting a built-in LED screen that can display signals to surrounding drivers.

Just like the directional signals on your car (turning, breaking), the SEIL bag will signal your intentions to road rivals, and even flash preset emoticons if “left, right and stop” don’t cut it. 

The backpack comes with a sleek little wireless controller that can be mounted on your handlebars for signaling a turn or flipping the bird.  As if that weren’t enough, an installed accelerometer detects breaking and turns on the “Stop” signal automatically. 


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