Free and Simple Email Reminders with

by Matt Forcey

You’ve just sent a pressing email to a colleague, a friend, an alter ego.  One to which you’d expect a follow-up or return message in a timely manner.  But it’s Thursday night.  And Thursday night, as we all know, is the new Friday night.  Your recipient might not be paying a whole lot of attention to their crackberry.  Perhaps it would be helpful to all if your (insert euphemism) was to receive a follow-up reminder in a couple of days?

Before you hit “send”, simply CC that message to  If the intended recipient of your message hasn’t responded yet, they will be automatically re-pinged in 48 hours.  Magical, powerful, free.

Free and simple.  All you have to do is copy the message that needs a second push to an address that specifies the amount of time (such as, or, and if your recipient hasn’t “followed-up” in the specified time period, your original message is resent by (with a small added promotional graphic for the service).

You can also use to send a reminder to yourself… you know in case you’d rather follow-up on your original email yourself.  In this case, just use the BCC field when sending your original message, instead of the CC field, and the follow-up reminder is sent just to you at the specified time.  Easy pleasy.

If the simplicity of this service still eludes you, or if you really did icon driven animation, check out this quick video tutorial.

Have you used this service or others like it?  Let us know how it worked for you.


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