This iPhone App Will Save Your Life

by Matt Forcey

When you’re plugged into your iPhone, you’re often plugged out of reality—traffic noise stops being a nuisance when that car horn actually saves your music-loving life. This new iPhone app will allow you to stay plugged in at decibel bursting volumes, but able to hear ‘important’ ambient sounds as well.

The Awareness! app by Essency uses the built-in iPhone microphone to track ambient noises, channeling to your earphones sounds that are significantly louder than the everyday background noise. It’s really something so simple yet so effective, falling under the ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-this’ category.

So, say you’re standing on the curb grooving to something, unaware of that truck rolling on by. With a pair of in-earphones or noise-canceling ones, the only sound you’d hear is your own scream as the truck slams into you. But with this app, the blare of the horn will be mixed into the track you’re listening to, alerting you to the danger.

As Essency writes in the app description, you’ll only hear “the things you need, even when you’re lost in your music”. And it works with conversations too, so you can listen to music and your boring companion at the same time.

Watch a video demo:

Via Design Taxi


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