For the Sadistic Germaphobe in Your Life. Poor Little Fish Sink

by Matt Forcey

Designed by Yan Lu (who apparently draws inspiration from old James Bond movies, and S.P.E.C.T.O.R.’s painfully slow spy killing devices), the Poor Little Fish Sink, drains the water from your fishy friend’s home as you wash your hands.  The longer you keep the faucet running… that’s right, the cleaner your hands get.   But what of little fishstick?  This dubious contraption must serve some purpose, other than fondling your dark side. 

According to Yan, the sink “offers an emotional way to persuade consumers to think about saving water, by making consumption tangible”.  Sure, I guess it does that too.   But do you really want to rinse off your toothbrush in fish shit infested water, just for a lesson in water conservation?  Oh, you do?  Sorry, but it turns out that the water flowing out of the faucet doesn’t actually come from the tank above. 

Thanks to some fancy plumbing hidden in the base of the sink, neither you, nor the fish are ever really in any jeopardy.  The same plumbing that feeds you fresh, clean, excrement-free water, also ensures that the fish bowl never drains completely, steadily refilling our aquatic martyr’s home when the water reaches a predetermined level.


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