Eames Hang-It-All

by Matt Forcey

For those who would love to have an original Eames Hang-It-All in their home, but aren’t in the mood to part with a hefty pile of shekels, HermanMiller (who owns the Eames brand) has done us a solid.  In August 2010, they introduced this limited edition Eames Hang-It-All, made with a black frame and solid walnut balls. A slightly more conservative take on the classic multi-colored version, the wood finish makes it a bit more decor friendly.

In the mid-1940s, iconic furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames, began designing toys and furniture for children, including molded plywood animals, colorful building blocks and whimsical masks. “We have to take pleasure seriously,” said Charles Eames.  The original Eames Hang-It-All (1953) is an example of this mantra.  Many of the original pieces now live in museums around the world.


But you really like that original colorful playhouse version?  Well, the folks at Herman Miller will get you one.  But not for long!

You see, you’re going to have to act quick. 

Regardless of which Hang-it-all you hanker for, know that Herman Miller is pulling a Disney and standing by the “limited edition” moniker.  Production will end in early 2011.


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