Don’t Find What You’re Looking For: Google in Reverse

by Matt Forcey

Google’s Page Rank Algorithm isn’t without its fair share of critiques.  This one contributed by Really Magazine slams the search engine for “pushing up” pages which are already popular, in a sort of ‘the rich get richer’ scheme.  In retaliation, the folks at the magazine launched Inframutt, which displays Google’s results in reverse order.

Instead of displaying the ‘most popular’ results first, Inframutt (via Google) lists them right at the end; so the least popular result is shown first, giving the underdog some reason to cheer.

Editor’s Note.  Here’s the bottom of the “cool list” according to Inframutt/Google:  James Cameron, Gwen Stefani, and Meg?  

”Is that not more democratic and fair and useful?” the magazine asks on its website about Inframutt’s search model. We’re not so sure about ‘useful’, but the project does fire off debate about how Google, the largest search engine by far, ranks its pages. More interestingly, it raises questions on how culture and perception is affected by these page ranks themselves—are we to believe the top result is the ‘best’, ‘most popular’ and so on? 

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Via Design Taxi


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