Nikki Farquharson’s Mixed Media Girls

by Matt Forcey

Be sucked into a psychedelic whirlwind of colors and patterns in Nikki Farquharson’s “Mixed Media Girls” series.

London-based Farquharson has given fashion illustration a fresh and unique spin with her mixed media artworks. Although the female figures in these images still pose like fashion models, her works take on a semi-abstract quality through her creative use of patterns and colors.

She also includes magazine cut-outs of arms and torsos, hence the ‘mixed media’ aspect of her work. In one illustration, the artist features a distorted cutout of a model’s waist to demonstrate the industry’s skewed body ideals.

Even though Farquharson’s works feature multiple patterns, these details remain well-coordinated such that they are bold and eye-catching without being a huge, confusing mess.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Via Design Taxi


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