@AnneFrank: Street Art Tackles History, Twitter

by Matt Forcey

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. http://bit.ly/cGUOM1 #optimism #hope #beauty

Anne Frank’s story of her own life has, over the years, prompted many of us who’ve read her words, to take stock in our own.  As such, she has been an inspiration to many artists and writers.  With his latest piece, Irish street artist Vango imagines Anne as she might be today, sharing her thoughts and observations;  then juxtaposing this historic icon with the modern equivalent of her chosen communication medium.  In an interview with Brooklyn Street Art, Vango notes, “Today everyone’s on Twitter or Facebook expressing themselves to the world, which is a positive thing, except 99% of what they say is irrelevant bullshit. On the flip side, 65 years ago this young girl actually had something to say that was unheard in her lifetime.”

Vango created this stenciled work in the tourist town of Killarney, where he has been responsible for a number of pieces that have caught the national media’s attention.   Vango credits fellow street artist, Banksy as his main  inspiration.  “I wanted to see some of it (Banksy’s art) around my town so I decided to start. I first started four months ago with the rats like Banksy and Blek Le rat and then moved onto my own bigger pieces,” the artist said of his foray into stencilled street art. 

More from the artist:

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Photos courtesy of Irish Street Art

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