Arcade Fire Rocks with David Bowie in a Gut Punch Performance

by Matt Forcey

Happy Friday my friends. Although summer is officially over and the sun will be gone before 7pm this evening, at this moment it’s a magnificent, sunny 78 degrees here in Chicago, and now that it’s past 5pm, the weekend has officially begun!  Could I feel any better right now?  Actually, yes.  And a little music is just what I need to segue from “Business Matt” to “Casual Matt”.  Wanna join me?

First, let me ask you:  Are you a fan of Arcade Fire?  How about David Bowie?  Neither?  Both?  Forgetaboutit…how about, do you love music? 

If you have not watched (at least 8 times) the rousing duet between the aforementioned, recorded at the 2005 Fashion Rock’s event, you’re in for an unforgettable six minutes.  In fact, I dare to say, watching this performance is a bit of an emotional litmus test.  If you truly don’t find yourself even slightly choked-up by the beauty of this music and the performer’s artistry, I’d recommend considering a regiment of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychopharmaceuticals to aid in breaking down the passionless and masochistic barrier you’ve erected between your heart and your soul.**  Remember, the hardest part of seeking help is first admitting that you have a problem.

Arcade Fire is one of a number of great bands to come out of Montreal in the past decade, and although they’ve been around for years have gained recent widespread notoriety with their song Wake Up, used in the trailer for Spike Jones’ screen adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic Where the Wild Things Are

David Bowie of course is best known for rocking the ass off entire world for the better part of the last 200 years, and being married to a Somalian goddess.

**NOTE: The author is not a licensed medical professional (nor terribly intelligent), and as such any recommendations regarding medical or psychological treatment contained within this publication are for entertainment purposes only.


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