Google Goggles. Magic Eyes for Your SmartPhone

by Matt Forcey

Google Goggles is now available for both the iPhone and Android-powered smartphones, as a feature of the latest version of the Google Mobile App.  Expanding on the concept of Augmented Reality, Goggles is an innovative application that works in conjunction with the camera and GPS on your phone to help you discover more about the world around you. 

Tonight when you head out on the town, stop on a street corner and take a picture of the area in front of you.  Google Goggles will scan and analyze your photo, looking for signs, logos, well-known landmarks, then automatically generate a search results page with information about the area of interest. 

Get it?  Take a picture of the Sears Tower here in Chicago and Goggles will provide you with an overview and history of the building.  Take another pic of the wine bottle on your dinner table and Goggles will tell you all about the vineyard and even help you find a nearby liquor store if you want to bring a bottle home for a night-cap. 

Here’s a video demo:

What else? Artwork, business cards, random text, book covers.  Magic eyes!  For Free! 


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