TURF FEINZ Crew – Turf Dancing in the Rain – YAK FILMS

by Matt Forcey

Dedicated to youth-led multimedia production, YAK Films started as a mixed team of  young photographers and filmmakers looking to offer an alternative to what they consider “played-out mainstream media”.  And here at Watch.Read. Repeat., we’re all for supporting that mission.   

Per YAK’s website, their work with urban dance began with the TURF FEINZ crew from Oakland, CA, innovators of the TUF dancing style.  Appraise for yourself the modestly magnificent camera work (and superhuman foot work) in the video below. The folks at YAK hope to take lead role in the street-based documentation of the evolving global dance movement, teaming up with new media companies to produce high quality dance videos.  In the meantime, they appear to be doing some proper work encourage young people everywhere to start documenting the various dance styles from their neighborhoods, cities and countries.

Check out YAK Films at www.yakfilms.com and follow on Twitter @YAKFILMS


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