Week’s 5 Most Popular Stories: Oct. 4-Oct. 10, 2010

by Matt Forcey


Determined by your clicks!

1) 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

First: Pick two or three favorites.  Then: Practice. Practice. Practice.  Finally: Unleash with confidence.

2) What if Music Videos Had Posters?

Taking his cue from the minimal movie posters floating around the blogosphere as of late, graphic designer Federico Mancosu designs posters for music videos instead.

3) Antique-Styled Speakers with Super Hi-Fi Sound

While antique in shape, the Little Horn speakers by Chicago-based Specimen Products deliver state-of-the-art sound. A clear nod to early 20th century phonographs, the design is more than aesthetically pleasing

4) Jason Schwartzman Demos the Hell Out of the New Yorker iPad App

The new App has everything that is in the print edition and more: extra cartoons, extra photographs, videos, audio of writers and poets reading their work.  This week’s inaugural tablet issue features an animated version of David Hockney’s cover, which he drew on an iPad. There is also a short film starring Jason Schwartzman and directed by Roman Coppola.

5) Grand Taxonomy of Rapper Names

Ever wonder how rappers come up with their stage names?


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