Christopher Walken Cooking Chicken and Pears

by Matt Forcey


There’s really no commentary needed here.  It’s simply a joy to watch this man do… well, anything.  (watch the video after the jump)

UPDATE:  So, I posted a link to this video on a social media site called Reddit, and received this clever little comment:

from p-squared“. . . so he put those pears in the one place he knew he could hide something: the chicken’s ass. Sixty long minutes he cooked that chicken with those pears up its ass. Then he died of salmonella, he gave me the pears. I hid those uncomfortable hunks of fruit up my ass another ten minutes, just to caramelize them. And now, little man, I give the pears to you. “


4 Responses to “Christopher Walken Cooking Chicken and Pears”

  1. I… cannot beLIEVE… how… much… SALT… he puts on that… CHICKEN.


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