Clowning Around on an Innovative Self Balancing Motorized Unicycle

by Matt Forcey


Friends, nerds, countrymen, lend me your ears.  More portable than folding bicycles and more respectable than (most) mopeds, Focus Designs‘ new Self-balancing Unicycle (SBU), keeps you upright and cruising with a similar accelerometer/gyroscope stabilization set-up as the Segway, and an innovative in-hub motor.

Lean forward to accelerate, lean back to slow down and stop.  The SBU’s 1000 watt motor is powered by a rechargeable internal battery pack (2-hours on AC power to fully recharge), which thanks to a clever regenerative breaking system, is partially recharged as you ride.  Just like on hybrid cars, the breaks on the SBU capture and store energy generated when slowing down or traveling downhill.  Although you’re not going to lay down a patch of rubber, the SBU will propel you at speeds up to 10 MPH, and convey your hipster ass as far as 12 miles between charges.

To guard against unauthorized joyriding, the SBU incorporates a comprehensive security feature, in the form of a unique, pocket-sized metal security device called a “key”.  Additionally, the manufacturers note that the SBU is so light, compact, and fun that you can just keep riding it 24/7 to prevent theft.

Standard features

Retractable cup holder (otherwise known as your hand).

Heated sport seat (after sitting on the seat it will become the same temperature as your bottom).

Stereo sound system with the optional iPod or equivalent music device (sold separately, not available at Focus Designs we recommend

Homelink universal transmitter to operate compatible garage, gate, and home lighting/home security systems (sold at most hardware stores, clip it to your belt).

Double-insulated black soft top (otherwise known as your jacket, sold separately at most clothing stores).

Battery charging connector.

Keyed ignition.

Bluetooth cellular phone integration – if you purchase a bluetooth headset for your phone (sold separately).

Premium powder coated frame.

1 year warranty.




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