Week’s 5 Most Popular Stories: Oct. 11-Oct. 17, 2010

by Matt Forcey

Determined by your clicks!

1) All My Friends Are Dead

A dark-witted book explores the feelings of loss and loneliness with ironic levity.

2) Christopher Walken Cooking Chicken and Pears

There’s really no commentary needed here.  It’s simply a joy to watch this man do… well, anything. 


3) Radical Cartography Maps Chicago’s Racial Divides and Nuclear Explosions

Radical Cartography is the website of historian and cartographer, Bill Rankin.  Currently working on a PhD at Harvard, Rankin has done considerable research on the changing technologies of cartography (map making) and navigation in the twentieth century.   His mapping activity is focused on reimagining everyday urban and territorial geographies by pushing techniques of statistical information design and rethinking everyday cartographic conventions.

4) 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

First: Pick two or three favorites.  Then: Practice. Practice. Practice.  Finally: Unleash with confidence.

5) TURF FEINZ Crew – Turf Dancing in the Rain – YAK FILMS

Dedicated to youth-led multimedia production, YAK Films started as a mixed team of  young photographers and filmmakers looking to offer an alternative to what they consider “played-out mainstream media”.  And here at Watch.Read. Repeat., we’re all for supporting that mission.   


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