Week’s 5 Most Popular Stories: Nov. 1-Nov. 7, 2010

by Matt Forcey


Determined by your clicks!

1) 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

1. Pick two or three favorites.   2. Practice. Practice. Practice.  3. Unleash with confidence.



2) Christopher Walken Cooking Chicken and Pears

There’s really no commentary needed here.  It’s simply a joy to watch this man do… well, anything.  (watch the video after the jump)



3) Sharks are Friends, Not Food

With many shark species on the brink of extinction, a new community of conservation-minded divers and videographers are working to change our perceptions of an animal long demonized in popular culture.   This is an amazing video!



4) Grand Taxonomy of Rapper Names

Ever wonder how rappers come up with their stage names?  Check out this infographic.




5) All My Friends Are Dead

A children’s book for adults, “All My Friends Are Dead” cleverly illustrates the inevitable sadness we all will face—whether you’re a tree, sock, pirate, cassette tape or other—when our friends cease to exist.



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