Cowboys & Aliens: A New Sci-Fi Movie, Not a Right-Wing Anti-Immigration Strategy

by Matt Forcey

Cowboys & Aliens boldly goes where no cowpoke has gone before.  Is it a new spin on the Western film genre, or a new spin on Sci-Fi? 

Speaking of a spin… wouldn’t you have just LOVED to see this pitch meeting, if only to watch the skill it must have taken to spin this gold out of a tumbleweed?  Imagine the talent of the marketer, so captivating with their presentation, as to attract high-priced talent like Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell, along with the direction and production chops of Favreau, Spielberg and the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer Power Duo.

I suspect there had to be one hell of a script too.  What’s that you say, Cowboys & Aliens was originally a graphic novel?  Oh, alrighty then.  These days, those two words seem to open any door you want in Hollywood (how else do you explain The Spirit).  In Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s original publication, the cowboys and indians band together to fend off invading extraterrestrial aliens in 19th-century Arizona (not to be confused with the current “cowboys & aliens” story playing out in Arizona). 

The big screen version twists us into the tale of an amnesic wanderer (Craig), who finds himself on the doorsteps of an honest to goodness wild west town by the name of Absolution.  With a curious wrist shackle and a faded Wanted poster for “Jake Lonergan” providing him the only clues to his unknown past, the town folk who appear to have previously made his acquaintance, make it know that they “don’t take kindly to his type in these here parts”… that is until a more menacing wanderer descends (literally) on the unsuspecting hicks.  As Lonergan slowly begins to remember who he is and just where it is he’s been, the good people of Absolution come to their own realization that the bangle-baring drifter may be their only ticket to salvation.  Look’s like a hoot!

Here’s the high-def version of the trailer, click it up to 1080p and share with your friends.


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