Here I am :-)


Watch. Read. Repeat.

Nothing interesting to share or post?  Run out of stuff to talk about with the significant other?  Habitual wallflower?   Don’t fret, just repeat after me.

Watch. Read. Repeat. I peruse  the Internet and bring you the unique, the curious, the crackerjack stories that will help you to impress your coworkers, befuddle your parents, or chat up that hottie.  This curated collection is chock-a-block with stuff like words, pictures, videos that will get the conversation started. 

I don’t:  Stoke the fires of politics, disasters, religion, business, conflicts, golf.  I’m as tired of hearing about this stuff as you are of talking about it.

I do:  Endorse new creations and ideas from the artists, designers, and technologists who inspire me and nourish my noodle.


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Matt Forcey.  Full-time information technology consultant and marketer, moonlighting as an art admirer, hand percussionist, couch warmer, complicated-recipe chef, media maven and wandering researcher.    







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