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November 18, 2010

Cowboys & Aliens: A New Sci-Fi Movie, Not a Right-Wing Anti-Immigration Strategy

by Matt Forcey

Cowboys & Aliens boldly goes where no cowpoke has gone before.  Is it a new spin on the Western film genre, or a new spin on Sci-Fi? 

Speaking of a spin… wouldn’t you have just LOVED to see this pitch meeting, if only to watch the skill it must have taken to spin this gold out of a tumbleweed?  Imagine the talent of the marketer, so captivating with their presentation, as to attract high-priced talent like Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell, along with the direction and production chops of Favreau, Spielberg and the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer Power Duo.

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October 10, 2010

TURF FEINZ Crew – Turf Dancing in the Rain – YAK FILMS

by Matt Forcey

Dedicated to youth-led multimedia production, YAK Films started as a mixed team of  young photographers and filmmakers looking to offer an alternative to what they consider “played-out mainstream media”.  And here at Watch.Read. Repeat., we’re all for supporting that mission.   

Per YAK’s website, their work with urban dance began with the TURF FEINZ crew from Oakland, CA, innovators of the TUF dancing style.  Appraise for yourself the modestly magnificent camera work (and superhuman foot work) in the video below.

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September 21, 2010

‘Catfish’ Keeps You Hooked

by Matt Forcey

The problem with writing about “Catfish” is that you have to write about “Catfish” — and potentially divulge the many twists the documentary has in store.

Still, you’ve got to say something. So this is probably going to be a short review.

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September 15, 2010

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

by Matt Forcey

By Michael Kurcfeld

Today we take it for granted when seeing graffiti art in a posh gallery, but arguably the first artist to channel the urban street frequencies of his time and get it onto the “white walls with white people with white wine” was Jean-Michel Basquiat.

In 1988 this singularly gifted artist, who had leapt to fame in Warhol’s New York, died of a drug overdose at the age of 27. Filmmaker Tamra Davis took all of the footage she had shot of her good friend, including a never-seen interview and B-roll of him working in his studio, and put it in away in a drawer. 20 years later, she decided it was not hers to hide anymore and made it the core of a superb documentary, Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.

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