Artist of the Week


This week we’re getting to know artist Scott Williams

I discovered Scott’s Bodyscapes a few years back at an art show in the Chicago area and was immediately taken by his unique vision.  Upon voluptuous canvases, the artist projects comic book illustrations (including my favorite Daredevil) and other cultural icons with light and heat; the model’s soft curves morphing the reflections into hallucinatory daydreams.  They’re sexy, strong, and all together badass, and I am lucky to have two of Williams’ prints, “Good vs. Evil” and “Scream” in my personal collection.

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Scott’s Bio:

After years of trying a multitude of differing jobs, careers and businesses, photography finally found me and it has been a labor of love ever since. That’s how I approach my photography, as a love affair with life, with a need as strong as breathing.  Growing up in small town America in upstate New York produces a strong urge to leave and explore the world, which is something that I have been doing ever since. Graduating from UTA with a business degree showed me that I wasn’t cutout for the usual road that most people travel.  So I went in search of a career that fit my personality and lifestyle, photography.  Where it went from being a student at Richland College in Dallas and manifested itself into becoming the teacher.  Since starting on my chosen path, I have traveled around the globe visiting 23 countries along the way.  I use the camera to explore the world around me to and capture a moment in time that has some significance for me. Professionally I support my art by doing commercial architectural photography.  Spiritually I support myself by skiing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and running marathons.

Like Athena born from Zeus’s head, my Bodyscape photography represents a concept that sprang from my imagination. My images are derived from a single negative that has had one exposure; there are no darkroom tricks, multiple exposures or digital manipulation. It is photography in its basic form, with just a little twist.

See more of Scott’s work, including his magical travel photos and landscapes, here on his website.

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2 Responses to “Artist of the Week”

  1. Thanks for featuring my work, Matt, and for your highly professional presentation.


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